Japanese Hot Spring Bath

Niseko is famous for the quality of its spring water which comes from deep within Mt Yotei.

Nest at the Trees has its own mineral rich spring water source, featuring indoor and outdoor baths overlooking the trees and stream. Separated by gender, the hot spring baths come with a changing and bathing facilities and are exclusive for our guests.

How to use Japanese style hot baths

Japanese hot baths are a great way to relax, especially in an open air hot bath like at Nest at the Trees. The hot baths are separated into male and female baths. For guests, you can visit the baths in your robe, bringing your towel and, if you wish to, a small hand towel as well. You need to disrobe completely in the changing rooms before entering the baths. Lockers/baskets are provided for you to keep your personal effects, cloths and towel. You can bring your small hand towel into the baths to use as a headpiece.

When you enter the baths, there are showers located next to the indoor bath. Pleaser shower first before entering the bath. Japanese showers are designed to be used sitting down on the stools. You can either use the shower heads or fill the bucket up to pour over yourself. After showering, you can enter the hot bath. You can use the small towel to keep your head warm by soaking in the hot water and resting on top of your head. This small towel should be left on the side when not used and do not let it float in the bath. 

The more adventurous can make their way outside into the outdoor bath. Relaxing in a Japanese hot bath is a contemplative affair. Minimal activity and silence is usually observed so as not to disturb other bathers. Once suitably relaxed, you can leave the bath and proceed to shower down again before exiting to the changing area.

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