Forest and Stream

Nest at the Trees is located within The Trees development, amidst a forest of pine trees and luxury forest lodges.

A braided stream runs through the middle of The Trees, separating the hotel from the forest lodges. Guests are encouraged to walk along the wooden boardwalk and enjoy the forest and nature surrounding the hotel. Open farmland surround the Trees providing a clear view of Mount Yotei and the ski slopes of Niseko. Look out for the local farmers harvesting the land for its crops during the summer.

Guests are encourage to walk around and enjoy the forest and nature surrounding the hotel. However, one should be careful when venturing off the path as the stream meanders somewhat and is hard to see where the water is especially when covered by snow. The lower grounds can also be soft and muddy during summer. It is best to go out in a group, looking out for each other.

Open farmland surround the Trees. This provides a great backdrop to view Mount Yotei and Mount Niseko. The farmers still work the land and guest can enjoy the crops and harvest.

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