Nest at the Trees is conveniently located on the main road between Hirafu and Niseko Village (Hilton Hotel Niseko).

Trees Poster Crop

From New Chitose Airport

We are approximately 120km from New Chitose Airport so allow 2.5 – 3.5 hours drive during the winter when it is snowing and about 2 hours drive during the summer. Renting a car from New Chitose Airport is easy but it may be better to book during the winter as there are many tourist. Please note that you will need a Japanese licence or an international licence to rent a car in Japan.

Taking the bus from Chitose Airport, the bus service only runs during the winter and takes about 3 hours in the snow. Please check timetables [link bus services]. You will end up at Hirafu Welcome Centre where our free shuttle service can pick you up. Please email or call us to confirm your time of arrival. 

Taking a train from Chitose Airport to Kutchan, the nearest station, is also quite convenient and takes about 2.5 hours with just one change of train. Please check schedules at [link]. You can also arrange pick up for the hotel. Please email or call us.

From Sapporo

We are approximately 100km from Sapporo city so allow 2-3 hours to drive during the snowy winter and 2 hours during summer. If you drive through the seaside own of Otaru, you could stop for good sushi or take the sights. Nikka distillery is near Otaru.